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Sat 20th Apr, 2024
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Sat 16th Mar, 2024
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Opera Winds
Let Harmonie reign
Sat 27th Jan, 2024
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Sat 18th Nov, 2023
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London Bridge Piano Trio
Thoughtfully programmed and superbly performed
Fri 29th Sep, 2023
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Philip Higham and Alasdair Beatson
Technical Bravado and Emotional Intensity
Sat 9th Sep, 2023
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Alba Challah
Klezmer and more
Sun 23rd Apr, 2023
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Leonore Duo
And then there were two!
Fri 3rd Mar, 2023
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Rachel Podger
Beguiling Baroque
Fri 10th Feb, 2023
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Gould Trio + Robert Plane
An Evening of Revelations